Through My Lens

I’m getting old… not that old that I’m loosing it but old enough to have built up a pretty fair bit of knowledge on the freelance photography market, the changes that have happened and those that are about to happen. Years ago when my daughter Morgan was an infant and then a toddler I was involved in a small freelance photography business based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Some of my fondest memories of that time are of Morgan & my self  in the darkroom watching the magic as the prints developed before our eyes.

Time has past and Morgan is now 23 and just recently became involved as a photographer’s assistant at a local photographers ( studio. Coincidently she  arrived at a birthday party for my mother (her 80th) fully equipped with all the gear and spent the day as photographer of record. The resulting 150+ shots proved beyond a shadow of doubt that she’s got the eye.

I was blown away… Morgan’s mom & I split when before Morgan finished her first year in school and although cameras have always been around her I’ve never known Morgan to pay much attention to them or to show any interest in taking pictures. Here she was using the biggest baddest Nikon & bossing the crowd around like a seasoned pro…. WOW!

Since then we’ve had the chance to talk and her interests are more in the business side of the studio … proof that she’s my daughter. The best photographers in the world die poor because they don’t understand that they are in a business & without a plan, a marketing strategy and some good old SELLING they will starve to death trying to eat their prints.

As a result of the past two months of change I came to the conclusion that it was time for me to get off the fence and start putting my thoughts, theories and wisdoms down where they can help … Morgan and any other freelance photographers out there who might trip over themselves without some hints. As you follow PhotoWorksAtlantic you will find the articles that I post & sites that I mirror will all add to the knowledge required to build a successful Photography business.

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