The Photo Business

We have selected several articles of interest to the Photographer perusing the Stock Photo Market.

The Classroom:

Both come from a fabulous site called

  • The First gives a list of the types of situations that will generate stock images for the photographer and potentially reoccurring revenue. In her blog “47 Things People Will Pay You to Shoot” Laurie covers just about every situation that I could think of but after 30 years as a consultant I’ve learned that just when you think you have heard it all …. up pops a new one.
  • The second gives examples of creating illusion out of things that can’t exist in reality.
  • The third covers the mind numbing issue of developing a solid coding system for your prints. In his Blog “Keywording Secrets For Big Photo Sales” Dean covers all the details needed to set up an effective and financially rewarding coding system for your images.
  • The third covers the Top 5 Freelance Mistakes

Product desk;
In our product reviews we have selected

  • Nikon D series ranks highest in

  • The release of the software program Crestock V3.0 represents a major improvement in how to handle the ‘key wording’ chalenge
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