Dave Henry, the King of Argyle has died…

Popular bar manager David Henry dies at 67

David Henry, co-owner of Halifax’s Economy Shoe Shop and an avid photographer, died early Sunday of  cancer. He was 67. Henry worked as a manager at the popular Halifax bar when it opened in 1995. A year later, Henry’s business partner and long-time friend, Victor Syperek, made him a partner. "He’s been my friend for 34 years now," Syperek said. "He was just a really lovely, really generous man." Henry wanted his wake to be held at the "Shoe Shop" in lieu of a funeral, Syperek said. Arrangements for the wake are being made.


David & Victor at the Shoe

This brief filler piece from the Sunday Chronicle Herald, doesn’t do justice to the friendly giant of a man who many knew as DH.

There was always a smile, a rather devilish twinkle in his eye and a story, sometimes a rather convoluted and confusing story but a story for all who had the pleasure to spend a little time with David.

Victor & David made rather unique partners &  everyone instantly understood there was a deep friendship and mutual respect at it’s core.

       David & Victor at the Shoe Shop  
  Dave J Henry 3 Over the years David’s photographic talents developed to the point that I’ve often referred to him as the unofficial official portrait photographer of downtown Halifax.

He had the ability to catch the ‘character’ of his subjects from across the bar, across the street, candidly & unobtrusively. One of David’s portrait shots has become my profile picture through out the online world. His ‘Macro’ photography is in my opinion some of the best I’ve ever seen.

     David … the camera man…  
  the shoe For almost 16 years the Economy Shoe Shop has been a rather unique combination of Victors creative vision and construction skill to build the ambiance of arguably the best bar in Halifax. Along with David’s managerial skill & ability to put a loyal grew together that entertained and served the clientele with style.

The legendary Nachos, Burger & robust menu combined with that one of a kind ambiance has made the Shoe Shop a destination for tourists, business travelers and of course the movie & artistic industry.

If it wasn’t for the Economy Shoe Shop & the Seahorse Tavern downtown Halifax & in articular Argyle Street would not be the thriving food & entertainment center that it is today.  

  The Economy Shoe Shop  
         The Economy Shoe Shop  
Shoe Shop 2 @ Dave Henery 2009 Shoe Shop @ Dave Henery
         The Seahorse Tavern
Seahorse Tavern @ Dave Henery 2009 This grouping of three pictures by David show not only Victor’s design and construction but David’s love for the space.

At the bottom of this post there are two links, the first is to the Argyle Cobblers /Shoe Shop’s web site where most of the photography is David’s and the second is to Dave J Henry’s web where you will see the full extent of his photographic skill.

So often business people are identified solely by their business but David And Victor have been able to keep their personal creative talents independent from the business.

Over the years David & Victor have been strong supporters of the local artistic community, with monthly art showings, Monday night Jazz, hosting the Annual Atlantic Film Festival Gala. The Seahorse Tavern is one of the Top Live Venues in Town. The Seahorse Tavern opened its doors in 1948 and has remained open, in this location, ever since.

This hasn’t actually been a eulogy for David J Henry but I hope you get the sense that the King of Argyle was bigger than life, a loveable character, a fierce advocate of a vibrant downtown, a strong supporter of the creative arts,  & a kind gentle man who will be long remembered by all who knew him. I will miss his smile, his stories, watching him work the room and flirt with the ladies …. The king has died ….

In closing I leave you with a short video that gives you a peek at the man….

The real Dave H….



The Economy Shoe Shop


David J Henry Photography


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